Three teenage girls are reported to be injured after falling from a ferris wheel at a fun park in Liverpool, Sydney.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the incident happened late Sunday afternoon. The teenage girls fell from the ferris wheel four meters to the ground. They were immediately rushed to the nearby hospitals.

The police said that a 15-year-old girl victim who suffered from a serious fractured pelvis and arm injuries, was sent to Westmead Children’s hospital. Meanwhile, the two other teenage girls aged 15 and 16 were taken to the Liverpool hospital after suffering from arm and rib injuries.

ABC noted that the two girls remained in the hospital. The two 15-year-old girls are now reported to be in a stable condition, while the 16-year-old teenage girl has already been discharged from the hospital.

The site mentioned that some witnesses saw the three girls shaking the carriage which opened the lock and thus caused them to fall from the ferris wheel.

Meanwhile, according to The Sydney Morning Herald News, there have been some unconfirmed reports that the girls were actually seen moving around in their carriage before the incident happen.

Nadia Obleshchuk told The Liverpool Champion that during the ferris wheel ride, she saw the three girls open the door of their carriage.

Obleshchuk said, “One stood up and was yelling to her friend and she opened the gate. And then it got caught and the whole thing tipped and [they] fell out and then they were on the floor.”

An officer from the NSW Fire and Rescue Station recalled that the incident was chaotic as there were people everywhere. They believe that the incident was not because of “structural fault” but was more of “a case of misadventure.”

An unnamed ride operator told The Sydney Morning Herald News that a ferris wheel was generally safe. The ride operator said, “It’s a pretty safe industry, statistically probably the safest form of transportation. It’s all inspected by Work Cover, all inspected by engineers.”

Investigations on what caused the incident are still on going.