Will internationally recognized K-Pop group 2NE1 split soon? The South Korean quartet is set to lose one member, Minzy. With her exit, fans are now getting worried that their band will break up for good soon.

According to Billboard, Minzy (Gong Min Ji) has opted not to renew her contract after seven years with the popular band. So is this the end for the K-Pop group? According to Hollywood Life, the group’s label, YG Entertainment has assured fans that the group would carry on without Minzy. Billboard also reports that her three former band mates have had their contracts renewed and will all remain with their label. CL (Lee Chaelin), Dara (Sandara Park), and Park Bom are also set to release new music this summer. However, there are no plans as of yet to replace Minzy in the group.

2NE1 has not exactly been active in the K-Pop scene in the last few years. Their most recent release as a band was “Crush” in 2014. Minzy is reportedly known for being “a talented dancer and rapper.” At 22, she was the youngest member of the group. Previously, there were unverified reports that Minzy was looking for a new label before her contract with YG expires this year. Could she be looking to start working on a solo career? Is a 2NE1 split really on the horizon? Stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, fans of the group have also weighed in on Minzy’s exit. Check out their thoughts below.

This is not the first time a band was hounded by break-up rumours after one of its members quit. British boy band One Direction last year lost Zayn Malik. Zayn left to work on a solo career. He has just released his first album, “Mind of Mine,” last month. His former band meanwhile is in hiatus.