Harley Quinn Smith is emotional after receiving the bat Margot Robbie used for the movie “Suicide Squad.”

Harley is seen crying tears of joy in a Facebook photo uploaded by her father, Kevin Smith, filmmaker and popularly known as Silent Bob in “Jay and Silent Bob” movies. According to Entertainment Weekly, the bat was a gift given to Kevin by Warner Bros. as a sign of gratitude for hosting the Dawn of Justice League special on The CW.

Before Harley opened her surprise, her father asked her: “You know what a totem is? It’s a powerful, mystical object that wards off evil and gives the bearer strength and power. Before you begin your journey where I started my adventure 22 years ago, I wanted to present you with this powerful totem.”

Apparently, Harley bore the name of Joker’s companion not only by birth but also by choice since she too is fond of comic books. This is best shown when she was bawling for about two hours after opening the gift. Her father must have been ecstatic to give the “totem” to his daughter seeing that he named her after the playful female villain. Harley proceeded to post the same picture on her Instagram as well with hopes of playing the notorious DC character.

The item is the exact prop used by Margot Robbie, as reported in ComicBook, in her portrayal of the DC character Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad” due for release this August.

Harley and Kevin both starred in film “Yoga Hosers” which was written and directed by her dad as well. Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose Melody were also featured in the film. Harley and Lily-Rose play yoga martial experts with Colleens as identical names and bent on defeating an unknown entity from stopping their party plans. The film was out last January 24 during the Sundance Film Festival.