While someone at the University of New Hampshire thought of buying a $23087 dining hall LED table was a good idea, the university is now regretting the move.

After few weeks of the installation of the table, the university has admitted that buying such a costly table probably wasn’t the best idea.

Erika Mantz, a UNH spokesperson, said that buying a custom-made chef’s table for the newly restructured Holloway Commons was a bad idea. She added that the expenditure of thousands of dollars should not have happened.

According to Mantz, the university management has been taking steps to ensure that a mistake like this won’t be repeated.


The $23000 custom-made chef’s table with LED lights was purchased for the campus dining hall.

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In the beginning, university officials believed that the LED table would actually permit the dining staff to interact with students. According to The ABC, this would demonstrate healthy cooking techniques.

It was reported that the LED table was not an ordinary piece of furniture. It was particularly designed for UNH by Seating Concepts, a Chicago-based company.

The table has been made with reclaimed metal railings from the original HoCo. The table also features a controllable LED lighting system.

“A community table was a design element of the new building space,” dining hall operations director Jon Plodzik said.

According to Plodzik, they wanted to bring guests together around the experience of eating together.

While word soon got out about the $23000 price tag on the 16-seat table, the school newspaper wrote about it. Other media outlets also picked up on it.


According to Boston, the LED table almost costs as much as the university tuition and fees, in-state students pay annually.

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The table was part of the $13 million addition and renovation to Holloway Commons. The restructuring included all the new furniture and building components, says Plodzik.

“It cost $23K, including delivery from the workshop in Chicago, which we considered reasonable for a custom piece of furniture made exclusively for UNH,” Plodzik said.

Students also voiced their concerns on social media regarding the price of the LED table. However, the university plans to keep the table.