The 2016 South Carolina primaries will be remembered as the moment in history when the Bush Dynasty died.

Having spent over $100 million in PAC spending, Jeb Bush ended up with less than eight percent of the vote in South Carolina, finishing fourth, the Washington Post reported. He had previously taken the same rank in New Hampshire but fifth in Iowa. The realization that he would not continue his father and brother’s legacy in the oval office hit hard as Bush dropped out of the race, Saturday night. He states that he respects the decision of the people of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, as he officially announced suspending his campaign.

The 2016 South Carolina primaries saw Bush’s exit, an event reportedly caused by his sudden reversal in campaign strategy. He had campaigned in South Carolina with his brother, former US President George W. Bush, capitalizing on the family name. The campaign had aimed to rekindle the support that South Carolina had shown the family in 2000 when the state voted  Dubya over John McCain.

Jeb’s decision to campaign behind a family legacy also allowed the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, to attack him by blasting the 43rd president. According to Trump, George kept secrets about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and of failed to thwart the 9/11 attacks.

Trump had utilized the final days of the South Carolina campaign to incongruously defend Obamacare’s individual mandate, praise Planned Parenthood, go against the Pope and promise to renew waterboarding of terror suspects. He even approvingly recalled a tale of a Philippine general who slaughtered dozens of Muslim prisoners with bullets tainted with pig’s blood.

2016 South Carolina primaries ended up with South Carolina voters rewarding Trump with nearly a third of the popular vote. Trump was said to have been victorious despite not being popular among voters who are a seeking for a candidate that upholds their values, Rolling Stone reported.