The historic 100th running of the legendary Indy 500 race in Indianapolis produced a stunning victory for the rookie Alexander Rossi who was considered a long shot and definitely not the favorite to win prior to the start of the race.

But Rossi , a 24 year old from California, astonished them all when he was able to outlast other faster drivers and an almost empty fuel tank to clinched victory in event tagged as “The Greatest Spectacle In Racing.”

Indy 500 analysts put Alexander Rossi’s odds of winning the race at 66-to-1. Yet employing shrewd fuel strategy, the Rookie was able to outsmart his more experienced and top competitors, who drives far more superior cars to eventually finished ahead of the pack, TSN reports.

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Canadian James Hinchcliffe, who was driving reputedly one best cars in the field was able to managed only to finished seventh place.

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Smart Fuel Strategy

While other drivers were forced to do pit stops toward the remaining laps of the race, Rossi smartly extended what remains of his allowing him to grab the lead.

During the final lap, Rossi’s car was sputtering but with a stroke of luck, he was able to cross the finish line before his car gas tank ultimately becomes empty.

“I have no idea how we pulled that off.” “I really was focused on taking it one lap at a time.”  “The emotional roller-coaster of this race is ridiculous… “I was like, Wow, I’ll need to see a psychiatrist after this”, Rossi declared.

NASCAR and F1 Drivers React

Meanwhile, NASCAR and F1 drivers gave their reactions to ESPN about the INDY 500 race.

“I would like to race there one day but it is not close so I am not thinking about it too much”, said F1 champion Fernando Alonso.

“I was never much of an IndyCar guy. I always watched it, enjoyed watching it but never thought I would be an IndyCar racer” said Kyle Busch, Sprint Cup champion.

“It is a very special event and been around for 100 years. It is an event still loved by millions and some unbelievable talent across the pond,” said Jenson Button, Formula One driver.

“Funnily enough I was looking at Nigel Mansell’s car from 1993 and at that time it would have been cool and perhaps I would have wanted to do it, but I don’t have any desire now,” said Lewis Hamilton Formula One champion.