Rumour has it that Google and HTC would again come together to make at least one new Nexus smartphone this year. It is said that the device will have 3D touch support.

As Android N is rumoured to have a pressure-sensitive display, 3D touch support is included in the Nexus device. However, apart from this not many details are known regarding the rumoured handset.

A Reddit user had gathered several clues and developed a design for the HTC’s Nexus handset. The design he made was based on HTC 10 smartphone. If the design becomes true, the rumoured HTC-made Nexus device could be the best Nexus phone of all time as the design cue was largely taken from the HTC 10, which was one of the best Android flagship devices ever. The handset had design and build quality as its strong suits. See images here.

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According to Daman09’s HTC Nexus concept, the device will be a phablet and not a regular-sized smartphone. This device is just not a replica of HTC 10 with Nexus branding. The design concept indicates that home button will not be included thus fingerprint sensor will be placed below the rear camera, following the last year’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P designs.

Since the rumoured HTC Nexus device will sport a large screen, the concept image shows a dual speaker system will be located on the front. In order to maintain the Nexus unique design, the rumoured handset will have chamfered edges on the back as present in the HTC 10, along with a Nexus branding on the back panel of the device, notes BGR.

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It is widely expected that Google will divulge more details on Android N and its feature at the Google I/O event. As Android N could be launched in the third quarter of the year, the new Nexus’ hardware specifications will be out sooner than normally released.