Oh jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh”

We have been singing this song ever since we were little, and by far, this is one of the best Christmas songs ever. What is Christmas without Jingle bells? And the first thing that comes to the mind is a picture of the mighty, laughing Santa riding on a white, open sleigh, driven by his reindeer. As we are all growing older, our taste in music seems to evolve too. Some music have the same lyrics, yet are sung by various artists using different genres. Regardless, we all swing by these songs, no matter where we are, or how old we grow.

Here is a list of 20 best Christmas songs of all time. Click the videos, dance to them, sing along with your friends and family, and have a happy holidays!

1. Boney M:  Mary’s Boy Child

boneymSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

 This song was originally composed by Harry Belafonte in 1956. But it was the German band that re-mixed this song into a super hit, groovy number that still leaves us sway to its music.

2. Santa Claus is Coming To Town

bruceSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

 Santa Claus is Coming to Town has been sung by various artists with the most popular being Bruce Springsteen‘s rock version. This song was first recorded by Harry Reser in 1934, and the latest was recorded by Kylie Minogue, featuring Frank Sinatra in 2015.

3. Last Christmas

George_Michael_Symphonica_(10)Sumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

One of the most favourites of all time, this timeless music is played everywhere you go during Christmas- whether you are in the bus, or supermarket, or at a restaurant. This song was recorded in 1984 by the famous George Michael, who happened to be the composer as well.

4. 2000 Miles

Pretenders_Dec_81Sumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

 Another 1983 top chart single, 2000 Miles by The Pretenders, is considered to be yet another one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. This song was covered by many great artists, such as Cold Play and Natalie Imbruglia.

5. Thank God it’s Christmas

QueenPerforming1977Sumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

The famous British Rock Band, Queen, released this Christmas hit song in 1984. Despite positioning their throne at the top of the chart, this music has no specific video to make itself well known among the listeners.

6. All I Want For Christmas Is You

mariah_carey___merry_xmas_2_u_by_fabianopcampos-d2zdlyzSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

This Christmas  dance-pop music was composed, produced and sung by Mariah Carey in 1994. This song is about her and how she wishes she spends her entire time with her love.

7. The Millennium Prayer

Cliff_Richard_Allan_WarrenSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Did you know that The Millennium Prayer was a charity single sung by Cliff Richards in 1999. This song was topped in the UK single’s chart and stayed an international hit for many days.

8. Happy Xmas

Lennons_by_Jack_MitchellSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

John Lennon and Yoko Ono together with the Harlem Community Choir, worked through this song and released it in 1971. The main focus of the song was that it was a protest against the Vietnam War that lasted for a little more than 19 years!

9. Do They Know It’s Christmas?

One of the legendary Christmas songs of all time, Do They Know It’s Christmas has played an important role in itself. Band Aid 30 first released this song in 1984, but went on to re-release it three times, first in 1989, second time in 2004, and the latest in 2014. All of the times, millions of copies were sold, and the money went on to different charities over the period.

10. The Gift of Christmas

A very interesting fact about this song is that many well-known artists have performed The Gift of Christmas under the name of Child Liners. This group was found in 1995, by a coalition of British and Australian musicians.

11. Please Come Home For Christmas

Eagles - Out of Eden Tour - HoustonSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Eagles – Out of Eden Tour – Houston

This song was originally released in 1960 by Charles Brown, an American blues singer and pianist. And the song went on to have two major versions done by Eagles (1978) and Bon Jovi in 1992. All the versions were in the top 20 lists.

12. Underneath the Tree

1280px-Kelly_Clarkson_Live_May_2010Sumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

This is a 2013, Christmas themed song, sung by the American artist. Kelly Clarkson. Coming from a talented, young artist, this song was praised by all, and is considered to be one of the Christmas classics.

13. Mistletoe

Justin_Bieber_NRJ_Music_Awards_2012Sumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Some of you might not agree with me for putting this song here on this list, but Justin Beiber has a nice Christmas song for you. Released in 2011, this hit song made its way to the top 5 in the billboard.

14.  This Christmas

What_A_Girl_Wants122_-_CASumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

This Christmas is one of Christina Aguilera‘s Christmas songs that can be found in her first Christmas album, My Kind of Christmas. This album was released in 2000, and nearly got 1,015,000 copies sold.

15. Christmas Must Be Something More

Taylor_Swift_SydneySumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Revealed in 2007, Taylor Swift showed yet another success in her composition, and clean music, and this can be considered to be one of the best Christmas songs of the recent times.

16. Santa Baby

madonnaSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Originally recorded in 1953 by Eartha Kitt, Santa Baby came to highlight in 1987 when Madonna sang it in a charity album. It was later covered by many great artists in the following years.

17. Wonderful Christmastime

PaulMcCartney60sSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Paul McCartney‘s Wonderful Christmastime was publicized in 1979. This item reached the top 10 in the UK Single’s Chart Billboard.

18. 8 Days of Christmas

Destiny's_Child_GroupSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Released in 2000, Destiny Child‘s first single holiday hit is a wonderful combination of pop, R&B, and the Christmas theme.

19. I Believe in Christmas

tweenies_by_pickle8weasel92-d9dj4rwSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Tweenies is a children’s programme in Great Britain. This was played in their Christmas episode, and will surely take you back to your childhood.

20. Jingle Bells

jingle_bells_rock_by_designerjuniorSumaiya Kabir | Australia Network News

Last, but not the least, the most famous, and the most common song that we can not imagine Christmas without, Jingle Bells. It was composed by James Lord Pierpont in 1857. And ever since then, this song has been the anthem for Christmas!