According to BBC, two US military personnel have been killed when their helicopter crashed outside South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

The AH-64 Apache helicopter went down on Monday night on a road in Wonju, 50 miles (80km) east of the US Camp Humphrey’s base, said the US Army.

The Army has not identified the dead crew members, but said they were both pilots – no other casualties or damage were reported.

The US has about 29,000 troops in South Korea under a security deal.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said the cause of the crash was being investigated, but that officials believe it may have hit power lines.

Another crash…

CNN reported, searchers in New Zealand have started to recover bodies from the crash site of a sightseeing helicopter that went down over a glacier with seven people aboard, police said.

Three bodies have been taken to a temporary mortuary facility for identification, which could take several days, according to a New Zealand Police statement Sunday.

The helicopter crashed Saturday on Fox Glacier, a popular tourist destination on the nation’s South Island.

Its wreckage was found in a crevasse, and nobody is believed to have survived. The cause of the crash isn’t yet clear.

Those on board are believed to have included the 28-year-old New Zealand pilot, four British passengers aged between 50 and 70, and two Australians in their late 20s, authorities said.

The glacier is in a remote area near the thinly populated island’s west coast, and recovery of the bodies could take days, police said.

Searchers are contending with difficult conditions on the glacier, and police said Sunday afternoon that the recovery efforts had been halted because of deteriorating weather.

“The operation is extremely challenging, and the safety of those working at the scene is of paramount importance,” they said.