With the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow out now, you’re probably trying to figure out a couple of tricks you have probably heard about. Don’t fret because we got 15 secrets, tips, and tricks for Android users like you. Check them out!

1. Google Now on Tap

PC noted that with the Now on Tap feature, you can access Now without leaving the app that you’re using. Just put a long press on the home button to activate this feature. When activated, this feature can help you get more information.

2. Do Not Disturb

Take control of the incoming personal messages by using this feature, Greenbot mentioned. Turn it on at anytime you want and just choose the notifications you want to receive.

3. Cut-and-paste

Just like iOs devices, the cut/paste/search options appear above the text you’ve highlighted.

4. Google Voice Search

With the Android 6 Marshmallow update, you may access this feature even when your device is locked.

5. Security Patches

With the Android bug called Stagefright, you can easily check if your device is included in Google’s monthly security patches. By turning on the “Android security patch level,” PC wrote that you’ll know the last time you got an official security patch from Android.

6. App Permissions

Take control of your apps by doing the following:  Go to “Settings > Apps > [tap a particular app] > Permissions.”

7. Google Settings

Through the Marshmallow update, it has put all the Google settings in one section that will help you easily check or change any information.

8. Smart Lock for Passwords

Through the Smart Lock feature, PC mentioned that you can allow “the passwords for your Android apps to be saved to your Google account.” This would help you secure your passwords.

9. Battery Optimization

With this feature, Android users can choose which apps to put on standby and those which will continue to function. Click on Settings>Battery>Battery Optimization. Using this feature can stretch the battery use.

10. GPS Accuracy

GPS ain’t perfect so get help by turning on the Bluetooth that will improve the accuracy of the location.

11. The Hidden File Manager

The new Android 6 Marshmallow includes this feature to help you manage the files on your device. Greenbot mentioned that it’s switched off by default. So you need to go to Settings>Storage&USB>Explore.

12. Default Web Browser and Apps

With Marshmallow, it’s easier to change the default settings. Just go to the Settings>Gear icon>Default apps. Now, you can set a new default!

13. New Memory Manager

If you go to Settings then tap Memory, you’ll get an overview of how your phone was used for the past 3 hours

14. Deleting Apps

Without leaving the home screen, you can now delete applications through “drag and drop.”

15. Marshmallow Easter Egg

Go to Settings > About Tablet then keep on tapping The Android Version to show the Marshmallow Easter Egg.