The Apple we’ve known was almost unrecognizable in 2003. Slowly the company has conquered the smartphone market. Six years ago, Steve Jobs had triumphantly returned to develop the company that we know today.

After his return, the company was rescued from oblivion. It is important to note that Microsoft and Dell were major players at that time in the technology world.

A press release was announced by the company that declared the second-quarter results of the year. Apple’s laptop improved sales and it was hailed as the “year of the notebook.”

Under Jobs’ management, Apple released iPod, the diminutive music player, and iTunes music store. He also introduced the iPhone and the iPad which was launched four and seven years respectively. It increased the success rate for Apple.Inc.

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Even a true visionary like Jobs would not have foreseen what his brainchild would become. Nevertheless, he always had ambitions grander than his contemporaries.

Back on April 16, 2003, the company reported its last drop in revenue and then there’s no looking back. Apple would break all records in the music industry, consumer electronics, and the telecommunications world. Even in e-book publishing, it thrived and became the world’s biggest public company along the way, notes AFR.

Apple was unstoppable although it was little affected by the global recession.

However, last week, the party came to an end. Apple on Tuesday announced that for the three months of 2016 revenues had fallen by $US7.5 billion ($9.85 billion) while a year earlier and on the same period it recorded a 13-percent drop.

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For the first time ever, the iPhone which was regarded to be the iconic device and has led the smartphone revolution- suffered a sales decline. As per Apple’s prediction, the next quarter would be even tougher, shares in the company plunged, wiping US$36 billion.

Apple’s numbers are still staggering. In those three months, the company has made a profit of US$10.5 billion in those three months, or US$80,000 every minute. Currently, te company has earned US$$233 billion in cash, which is enough to buy everyone in America an iPhone. Note that there are more than a billion of its devices are in use throughout the world.