Apple has recently unleashed its heavily anticipated 12-inch MacBook 2016 and it did so without much fanfare. Now, it’s in the hands of the people who are looking to check out every inch of Apple’s latest notebook. Sadly, while the Cupertino firm is looking to bring the future through its recent devices, the MacBook doesn’t sit well. Here are five of the most disappointing features that the company made with its notebook.

1. Single USB-C Port

It’s already a given that Apple is paving the way for the future starting with the USB-C standard, but there’s no reason for them to settle with just one port. It’s easily an inconvenience to the majority of end-users since the USB 2.0 and the USB 3.0 are still the most commonly used ports for peripherals and other devices. Should you want to use your “last generation” devices, you’ll have to shell out an external adapter to support them.

2. Shallow Keyboard

Granted, the MacBook 2016 may be the thinnest notebook Apple has made. However, it made some drastic trade-offs to achieve such form factor. The keyboard is somewhat shallow and it barely pops up from its keyboard tray. Some say that it’s not the perfect keyboard for writing long essays and reports, but maybe it would just need some time to get used to.

3. Intel Core M

The Intel Core M processor appears to be lackluster, but it does have it uses. Without its fanless design, Apple would have gone through certain engineering hoops to achieve the form factor that the MacBook 2016 has. Most would sacrifice the thinness for performance, though.

4. 480p Camera

It’s still a mystery as to why Apple equipped the notebook with a 480p camera. While this isn’t actually a primary feature that’s needed on notebooks, the company’s vision of the future doesn’t come into play here. What’s more, the iPhone 5 has a FaceTime HD front camera. Just use that for comparison.

5. Expensive Price

At AU$1,677 (US$1,300), it seems to be far too expensive as an asking price for the base model of the MacBook 2016. The MacBook Air variants are much cheaper and they don’t even cost as much.