Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years and it’s the ideal occasion to show your woman just what they meant to you.

But be very, very careful! This is one of those holidays that can turn sour easily. So think it through. The last thing you need this heart season is to disappoint her.

You may have to invest a bit of your financial resources on some of items we’ve listed below, but others require some ingenuity and just a little cash. The important thing is that all of them will start you thinking how much you love her and how much effort you put into it.

1.Personalised Special Time Love Heart Watch by ELLIE ELLIE (£129)

You can personalise this watch by choosing the time in which the hearts appear on the face. You could choose the time you got married or the time you met on your first date.

2. Three Map Location Hearts Print (£85)

You can buy three perfect hearts cut from original maps featuring your choice of locations from anywhere in the world. This is available framed or unframed for £85 at By choosing three locations that are dear to her heart, you will be creating a truly special and thoughtful gift.

3. I Love You Heart Shaped Gemstone Ring 

An elegant and well designed gemstone ring will certainly make your girl’s finger extra beautiful.

4. Silver Locket ($24)
This is perfect for keeping your cutest photo together or your printed keepsakes.

5. Sex Bath Bomb by Lush ($7)

When it comes to the Sex Bath Bomb, we take the moniker seriously. This famous sphere of sex appeal contains all of Nature’s most potent and seductive ingredients to get you in the mood for a good… bath.


6. Personalised Walk Of Fame Hollywood Star

Although traditionally awarded to musicians and actors, we believe the Walk of Fame Star should be available to all factions of society.

7. Quirky Ice Cream by (5 pints, $65)

Bloomberg suggested this sweet that you can customize. Mix and match the seasonal and classic ice cream flavors with your special girl.

8. Rose Watercolor ($25)

This is a quality print of an original watercolor painting by Barb Toland is available at Etsy. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed & dated by the artist.

9. Gourmet Trunk by Taste Trunk ($49)

The Gourmet Trunk is packed with premium products from several amazing small-batch brands. It’s perfect for anyone that loves to cook or anyone who just loves excellent food!

10. Extra Large Glass Vase (£99.95)

The unique shape has been designed to stand alone or as a collection when empty so that you can still enjoy them when placed on the windowsill, bookshelf or dining table.

11. Box of Macarons

Grab a set of six colorful macarons to tell your love exactly what’s on your mind.

We can't get enough of #macaroons! Which is your favourite flavour? 🌈

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12. Tea Set in Petal by ModCloth ($65)

Garnished with golden trim and matching handles, this boxed set features six heart-shaped mugs and matching saucers in a superbly posh pink hue.