A 100-year old woman, who is a retired teacher and a volunteer at a middle-high school have broken the world record for the fastest 100-meter dash.

Ella Mae Colbert, from South Carolina, sprinted at Chesnee Middle School. She broke the earlier record of 1 minute 17 seconds; set by 100-year-old Ida Keeling at the Penn Relays a month ago, by crossing the finish line in 46.791 seconds, reports ABC News.

Colbert decided to attempt the race a week after her 100th birthday. Initially, she tripped and fell on her first attempt and got a little cut on her chin.

“I think I started off too fast. Maybe I should have jumped up and down or something before I started,” she said in a report by ABC7 News.

Then she headed back to start over again and nailed it this time.

“You’ll have some trials and you’ll have something that gets in your way,” she said in a report by CBS Sports.

“But you don’t let it get you down. Get up, go again,” she added.

As she raced down the track, students at the school cheered up and chanted her name loudly.

Asked about her fitness mantra,Colbert said she has been running since high school. Also, running 3-miles with her nephew and niece keep her fit, according to a report filed by Fox News.

She also credited God for the strong motivation at every milestone in her life.

“I decided, maybe when I was 20, I’d get on the track for somebody else and I chose Jesus Christ as my coach and I’ve been running ever since. Best coach I’ve ever had,” she said.

Officials along with Medallion Athletes recorded Colbert’s time.

After her dash record, her nephew applied in the Guinness Book of World Records to get her listed in the book. The officials are analysing the results before she gets the official tag.