CW’s post-apocalyptic science fiction drama “The 100” was renewed for season 4. Recently there are a lot of revelations by Bob Morley . These include information about his character Bellamy Blake and his relationships with family member Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). He also mentioned about Blake’s prospective love interest, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor). Is there a hint of reconciliation between Bellamy and Octavia?

In Season 3, the audience witnessed Bellamy’s siding with Pike (Michael Beach) and his anti-grounder course of actions which led to the death of Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), Octavia’s lover. However, in due course, the siblings came together to culminate the rule of the big bad. Even though it appeared, that the duo developed peace among them, Octavia was seen pulling out her sword and slew Pike. Will Bellamy and Octavia finally reconcile in season 4?

When questioned about if he will patch up with Octavia ever, the actor was hopeful about them re-joining. “Marie and I would like their relationship to get past just Bellamy saying ‘You can’t do this,’ and Octavia being like, ‘I can!'” he mentioned.

Earlier this month, during making a public appearance at Phoenix Comicon, Bob Morley expressed his wish for his character following the loss of ALIE. “I’d like him to gain some of his confidence back in making decisions. A lot of people see him as a leader, I don’t see him as much like that… But the situation lends itself for him to step up and lead.”

Regarding his association with Clarke, Bob Morley did not reveal much but said that if the combatant had returned earlier in the story, Bellamy may not have got linked with Clarke. Some ponder that with the hazard of a nuclear weapon massacring human race hovering over their heads, the two may come closer to each other. Only time can answer whether it is going to happen or not! reports VINEREPORT.

“The 100” season 4 is expected to premiere on CW around in 2017.