Gamers have been waiting for 10 Second Ninja X‘s launch for a while now. Curve Digital will be releasing the game within the week. However, the British game publisher seems to have more surprises up its sleeves for fans. What should players Down Under expect from the launch?

According to, gamers themselves have the power to dictate how much the game will cost when it launches this week. Curve Digital earlier released a PC demo of the game, which features Ninja X’s first five levels. The company recognizes how much of a challenge it is to achieve three stars on any level. Given this, Curve and their partner for this project Four Circle Interactive will be offering a financial reward for players who gain stars in the demo.

Gamers all over the world stand to get a discount of as much as 40% if they overcome the challenge posed by the game’s developer. “We only need 3,334 players to demonstrate total mastery [for everyone to get a discount]… We have every faith that the challenge will be met,” Four Circle developer Dan Pearce said in a statement.

The upcoming game, 10 Second Ninja X, will continue the premise of its predecessor from a couple of years ago. Gamers need to destroy the Nazi robots on screen within ten seconds in order to continue to the next level.

Meanwhile, the game’s developer Four Circle describes it as a “blisteringly flat platformer that doesn’t care who you are… or how expensive your controller was before you broke it.”

Most gamers did find the first 10 Second Ninja challenging and even frustrating at times. Will 10 Second Ninja X  be as equally challenging and frustrating? Just how many controllers will 10 Second fans end up destroying while playing the follow-up game? Players need not wait too long to find out.

Curve Digital and Four Circle will be releasing the game on July 19. The game will cost around AU$13 (US$9.99). Fans can buy different versions of the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita and Steam.

Check out how you can play 10 Second Ninja X below.