First pregnancy-related case of Zika virus has been confirmed in Europe.The woman is believed to have journeyed from Colombia, where she was infected during her trip.

The case was reported in Catalonia region in northeastern Spain, according to the health ministry.  A pregnant woman is under medical surveillance. Further information of the case has not been disclosed.

This is the first Zika case confirmed out of the reported seven cases – two in Catalonia, one in Murcia, two in Castile and Leon, and one in the capital Madrid.

“All are in good health. The diagnosed cases of Zika virus in Spain… don’t risk spreading the virus in our country as they are imported cases”” health ministry said, in a report filed by BBC.

Zika virus causes health abnormalities in newborns, such as “underdeveloped heads”. It has encapsulated a large segment of welfare of people in all over South America and some parts of Carribean. It was first reported in 1947, in an Ugandan forest.

World Health Organisation Director-General Margaret Chan, declared public health emergency after reporting several microcephaly cases in South America, according to a report.

It has been advised to avoid blood-donation from people travelling back from Zika-affected countries. Health experts have been recommending women to avoid pregnancy in the affected areas and have advised to avoid traveling.

An Indian biotech firm, Bharat Biotech has claimed to have been working on two vaccines to cure the disease. The company started working on vaccines a year ago, while working on chikungunya and dengue.

CMD Bharat Biotech, Krishna Ella said, “we believe we have an early mover advantage in developing the Zikavac and we are probably the first in the world to file for global patent for Zika vaccine candidates,” in a report by India Times.

“We hope to announce the arrival of Zikavac to the world as early as possible.”

Till now, there is no such cure of the disease. Health precautions have been recommended in the affected area as well as the surrounding places.