Zika Virus Attacks Pregnant Woman in Australia

Queensland Health has confirmed that the Zika virus preyed on a pregnant woman from Queensland after she returned from overseas.

The woman was diagnosed and tested positive for the virus in southeast Queensland on Monday where the authorities claimed that the disease was not a locally acquired one. It is the third case reported from the state. Earlier, two people were diagnosed with the disease – a child who returned to Brisbane from a family tour to Samoa and a woman on Gold Coast who returned from a holiday in El Salvador.

According to the ABC, Queensland’s health department will not give any further detail about the woman. However, the virus has been linked to microcephaly that is currently widely spread in Brazil. The nation has reported around 4,000 cases of suspected microcephaly cases along with 1.5 million cases of the Zika virus. Seeing the rise in the disease count, World Health Organisation had to declare a public health international emergency.

The Zika virus effect is caused by a mosquito bite and it has been said to have links with birth defects in children. However, according to ABC News, a four-year research in Brazil is investigating that the virus might not cause microcephaly, prompting birth of babies with abnormal small heads. Still, the possibilities made the Australian government issue a travel warning, especially to pregnant women.

The warning statement from Queensland Health declared the recommendation from the federal government where it said that until more details were gathered about the virus, women who are pregnant or are planning to conceive should postpone their travel to any area that is affected by the Zika virus at the moment.

Queensland Health minister Cameron Dick said on Friday that the Zika detention system was successfully working but at the same time he warned the virus was likely to spread to more people. “I expect that there will be more positive tests in Queensland – we need to be ready for that,” he said as quoted by The Guardian Australia.

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