Nintendo has become quiet for any updates regarding the latest Zelda project that was planned for the Wii U, and now a Twitter update revealed that the game will be delayed to another year.

IGN has the report on the latest announcement.  The Zelda Wii U was revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2014 with an in-game footage. Though plans for a Wii U release of the Zelda game were mentioned in 2013, its original target release date was 2015. However, several delays were made as according to Nintendo, they want to make the game the most complete Zelda game. It was then moved to a 2016 target release. Then just recently it was announced that it will be delayed and moved to a 2017 release, as it was meant to improve the quality of the game.

The translation of the Tweet from Nintendo of Japan reads:

“Though originally scheduled for 2016, the release of the latest “The Legend of Zelda” title is postponed until 2017, to allow further improvement of quality” the tweet reads. “Thank you for your understanding.”

It was also then revealed that aside from the Wii U, the Zelda Wii U game will also be releasing the new NX gaming console simultaneously. The Nintendo NX was also recently announced that it will become available on March 2017, however, no details were revealed about the upcoming gaming console. But do not expect any big news for the NX on the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) this June, as according to the translations from Nintendo’s series of tweets, they will be focusing more on the new Zelda game and the NX will be absent. Most likely there will be a separate date for the official reveal of the Nintendo NX, and unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit longer before they can play the newest Zelda game.