Its official! Zayn Malik’s first solo album will be titled, “Mind of Mine” it has been revealed. Malik announced the news during a latest interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio.

“Mind of Mine” will be released in March. The former One Direction singer has recorded about 46-47 songs for the album but has finalized just 17-18 songs. According to Sugarscape, “BeFour” is the first song he recorded for “Mind of Mine” in Vegas.

According to MTV, the Malik has also collaborated with American R&B singer-songwriter

Kehlani for one song. The song is titled, “Wrong” and its “all about looking in the wrong place for love.” Both the artists penned down the lyrics of the sings. Kehlani has also been nominated for Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album in the past.

“Mind of Mine” also has a song about his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards. “It was a form of therapy for me, and it did help me get through some sh-t,” he said about penning down the song about Edwards. However, the singer also talked about his relationship with his new girl Gigi Hadid and called her a “good friend.”

Malik also added that he has already shot a “video for his first single “Pillowtalk.” The album will be released on RCA Records and its lead single is titled “Pillow Talk.” “Pillow Talk” premieres Jan. 29, first on BBC Radio at 7:10 am (UK time). The singer hinted at going for a world tour if the album is a success. He also called the album a “party tune.”

“It’s a bit more of like a party tune. And it’s a bit more… it’s not as intense lyrically. It’s more about just having a good time,” he said about the “Mind of Mine.” Malik also worked with producer Malay, who’s know for his collaboration with Frank Ocean.

When Malik finished recording the album, he celebrated the moment by getting a tattoo. “I just got a tattoo on my leg and my arm, I did them both in the same session,” Malik said in a separate interview with Dave Berry for Capital London Breakfast Show. The interview is scheduled to air Friday morning from 6 a.m., writes Mail Online.

“I got a tattoo for the album: the name of the album, and something on my leg, it’s kind of weird, its an outline of a dude smoking which is pretty mega,” Malik added, according to the website.