Zayn Malik became a hot topic on Twitter after the hashtag, #GottaZayn, trended on the social media platform. The said hashtag lured in curious social media users to find out what the buzz is all about. Apparently, there’s an alleged sex tape involving the former One Direction member.

For those who typed in #GottaZayn, Twitters users spotted a graphic online video featuring a person who looks like Zayn and another guy. Tweets continue to pour in as more readers get curious on why everyone’s talking about the said hashtag. Those who went to check out the hashtag and saw the video were quite surprised. Some, however, wished they hadn’t watched it at all.

But, why #GottaZayn? Urban Dictionary defined “Gotta Zayn” as a slang for “gotta go” or “gotta leave”. The slang became famous when Zayn Malik left One Direction in 2015.

According to International Business Times, the alleged video is definitely “NSFW” or “Not Safe For Work”. However, it seems true fans know it isn’t really Zayn. The person in the video has a “tattoo of a pitchfork” whereas Zayn has “a tattoo of angel wings,” the site wrote. Moreover, IBTimes pointed out that Zayn has more tattoos in his body compared with the person shown in the video.

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Zayn Malik is yet to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop confirmed that Zayn is definitely the person involved in the said sex tape.

“The tattoos on the person in the X-rated footage don’t match those of Zayn’s, and neither does the nose piercing. There happen to be some facial similarities between Malik and the subject of the video, but it’s 100 percent not him,” the publication wrote.

The anonymous man, who is said to be the one in the video, seems to have exposed himself on Twitter.