Zayn Malik has dropped the “Like I Would” video for which the singer underwent a Tron kind of makeover. Director X, who also directed Usher’s “Yeah,” helms this number and one can’t help but notice the similarities.

“Like I Would” dropped on Monday and has already crossed the 1.5 million mark as far as views are concerned. Daily Mail reveals that the video crossed 375,000 views within the first two hours.

The video has Zayn Malik sporting a fiber optic-powered jumpsuit and trainers while performing under laser beams. The suit also glows in the dark. His look and outfit coupled with the dark setting and blue laser looks more like a scene from Tron than a music video. “I love the one with the shoulder pads and the white shoes and the Tron outfit is, of course, amazing,” Director X told Entertainment Weekly.

Zayn Malik is also seen wearing an orange contact lens on his right eye. Singer Azealia Banks was quick to point out similarities between Malik’s latest look and her work. She even took to Instagram to share a picture collage about it, states Refinery 29.

However, if the video has been inspired at all, then it is from Usher’s “Yeah” directed by Director X. Director X is known for his work and his portfolio includes Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and Rihanna’s “Work.” In a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, the director revealed that Zayn’s manager and his team got the big laser rig. Known as “the Cyclone,” Malik is seen standing under it in the video.

“I’ve done a bunch of laser-themed music videos before. I did Usher’s ‘Yeah!’ and I’ve been wanting to redo that video for a long time,” said Director X. “I’ve got, what, 10 years of thinking about what I could have done differently? Something like that. So I brought in all that old experience and the Cyclone, and we started building it from there,” he added.