Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid must have tied the knot discreetly. According to sources, the singer leaves sweet notes in support of her upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The followers of this couple might already know that they have been very supportive of each other in terms of their career. Could they really hold a ceremony without anybody noticing it?

The pair is yet to confirm the wedding rumors but according to a source from Hollywood Life, the sweet notes might indicate more intimacy than being in a relationship.

“Zayn likes to hide things in Gigi’s suitcase before she goes on trips,” the source exclaimed. “After she packs, he will secretly leave sweet love notes in her suitcase. Last time, he put in a cute little stuffed animal with his cologne sprayed on it. He’s always really romantic that way.”

Again, Malik and Hadid are yet to comment on the latest buzz. However, it might be obvious that they love each other as said in their interviews.

Furthermore, they might really know their favorites and pet peeves as well. Zayn Malik told ES Magazine that her favorite dish is Yorkshire pudding.

“We haven’t officially swapped keys or anything yet, [but] we live together wherever we are.” He said that he makes her “steak and potato pie, Sunday roast dinner and Yorkshire pudding.” “Yeah, she likes a good Yorkshire pudding,” Malik added.

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However, it seems that not everyone is happy about their relationship. His ex-girlfriend Little Mix Perrie Edwards may not be over him after releasing the song Shout Out to My Ex.

The British group revealed that the original lyrics may have a connection to Hadid. Yet, they needed to change the word for censorship. The Sports Illustrated model is yet to address the rumor.

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Will Zayn Malik defend her present girlfriend over his ex? Stay tuned to find out.