Youtube Star Caleb Logan Dead at 13; Truth Behind Death Revealed

youtube/ Bratayley

No one would have ever thought that the 13-year-old kid, who entertained the audience with his innocence, will never be able to see the world again. Caleb Logan Bratayley, the teenage YouTube star who has claimed more than a billion views on his videos, passed away on Thursday Night due to a reported medical emergency, as per TMZ.

The grieving family of the late 13-year-old said that he died due to “Natural Causes”. The boy was rushed to a hospital in Maryland after 911 was reportedly called with regards to a medical emergency at 7 pm. He was declared dead as he reached the hospital.

The cause of death is yet to be confirmed while numerous speculations wander unattended. Some sources of TMZ stated that this is neither a suicide, nor a drug induced death.

According to what Dr. Bruce Lee told Hollywood Life, the most common reasons for the death of children between the age of 10-14 are accident, homicide, suicide, congenital anomalies, or a heart related concern, primarily arrhythmia.

The doctor added that there might be a lot of possibilities that Caleb had developed cancer which was undetected. It may be confirmed soon following the awaited autopsy results.

Speaking about any congenital flaws, Dr. Lee said, “Sometimes there are heart anomalies that go undetected. The heart could be functioning fine one day and give out the next. If it’s determined that this was the cause of Caleb’s death, his siblings should be checked.”

Another possible cause of Logan’s death that Dr. Lee suggested was a heart disease, termed as arrhythmia.

The doctor explained to HollywoodLufe, “This could go unnoticed and mainly occurs in males that just automatically drop dead while playing sports, people can develop it or are born with it, and it’s one of the leading causes of sudden death. Arrhythmia means the electrical pathways in the heart do not function normally. If the pathways are disturbed, then the heart doesn’t pump well, so less blood goes to the body and brain. It can be difficult to detect because one minute the heart is beating normally, and the next it’s beating irregularly. When someone dies from arrhythmia, they could first have a shortness of breath, then they may get dizzy and pass out and never wake up.”

The Youtuber’s family posted a tearjerker video on the channel as a final tribute to their beloved, titled ”Caleb, Gone But Never Forgotten.”

The description below the video says “Caleb Logan Bratayley passed away of natural causes. This has come as a shock to all of us. Words cannot describe how much we will miss him. His incredibly funny, loving and wonderful spirit made us all fall in love with him as a YouTuber, friend, brother and son. We know you tune in to watch each day and eagerly anticipate new videos, but ask that you bear with us while we deal with this tragedy as a family. Please help us honor our baked potato.”


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