YouTube Live 360-Degree Videos in the Works? Complete Details Here

Apparently, 360-degree videos are the thing right now to watch. You’re probably seeing loads of them plaguing Facebook and YouTube, and they’re just so awesome and fun that you can practically watch for hours on end. In a bid to further improve the immersion that 360-degree video brings, YouTube is developing its live stream capabilities on its platform, BuzzFeed News has learned.

According to BuzzFeed News, multiple sources that are familiar with YouTube’s plans confirmed that the company is now in talks with 360-degree camera manufacturers regarding the addition of support for live streaming to its platform. However, there’s no timeline for when the new feature will be added.

It appears that live 360-degree video would be YouTube’s latest push in immersive content since launching the feature in the platform last March. Later on, Google Cardboard support was added, letting viewers watch 360-degree videos with their smartphones that are turned into virtual reality headsets. It didn’t stop there, however, and YouTube debuted virtual reality videos, which are 3D capable videos that are exclusive with Google Cardboard to give ultra immersion with a sense of depth.

The quality of the videos that are live streamed suffer at the moment but YouTube is on its way to create a platform that is designed to bring 360-degree live video broadcasting on a global scale.

360-videos are captured using multiple videos that are spliced together in order to create the effect. Most 360-degree video cameras have at least wide-angle lenses that each do their own part for capturing videos. Afterwards, the videos captured are then stitched together in the post-production process to create a spherical image – similar as to how you make a photo sphere with the Google Camera app.

Google unveiled a GoPro camera setup that can stream 360-degree video at Google I/O last year. The device was designed in collaboration with GoPro, and both Google and YouTube are technically aware of its specifications of each camera.

It still isn’t clear if YouTube will go with seeding more of its software into existing cameras. They may even settle with creating a program to qualify official partners. One thing is clear though: the 360-degree video will soon become a major trend.


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