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Yemen War News: 130 Dead in Wedding Bombing Air Strike

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More than 130 people have died in the suspected air strike in Yemen, according to latest death toll.

Two missiles were reported to have hit two tents in Southern Yemen on Monday where a wedding party was taking place.

BBC reports that “a man linked to the Houthi rebel movement” was celebrating his wedding when the explosion happened at the Wahijah Village, near Mocha’s Red Sea port. Residents recall that the missiles tore two tents at the area.

It was initially reported that only about 40 people, mainly women and children, had died from the explosion.

The Wall Street Journal notes that “Yemeni officials blamed the attack on a Saudi-led coalition” The group which for the past months has carried out “airstrikes against Yemen’s Iran-supported Houthi rebels.”

The reason for the target was unclear revealed Tamim al-Shami, spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi-run health ministry, as he denied involvement of any Houthis at the party. Saudi officials did not respond to the issue.

Meanwhile, it was reported by BBC that “Yemeni security forces confirmed to the Associated Press” that the air strike was a mistake, as admitted by a senior government official.

Coalition spokesman Brigadier-General Ahmed al-Asseri has denied the allegation and has told Reuters that, “there have been no air operations by the coalition in that area for three days. This is totally false news,” as reported by RT.

The UN Higher Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) has now accounted that 130 or more people have died due to the air strike bombing.

UNHCR spokesman Rupert Colville said, “if the numbers are as high as suggested, this may be the single deadliest incident since the start of the conflict.”

Colville notes that for the past 12 months, civilian deaths were mainly caused by coalition air strikes, BBC quoted.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the bombing and “stated that there is no military solution to the conflict in Yemen.” In the UN statement, all parties involved are called attention to end military activities and resolve them peacefully.

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