Gamers the world over have all been looking forward to the Xbox One S release date for a while now. Their wait is almost over, and it seems their patience might just pay off. When will this console finally launch in Australia? Just how different would it be from its predecessor?

Microsoft knows just how long Xbox fans have been waiting for the One S console. Gamers, even those Down Under, need not wait any longer, though. In a press conference during the Electronic Entertainment Expo held earlier this week, the company finally revealed a release date. Their next Xbox console would hit select stores worldwide this coming August.

The local Microsoft Store still lists the console’s launch on August 31. However, shipping for 2TB One S consoles will begin three weeks earlier on August 2. The extended wait might be worth it, though. According to Gizmodo AustraliaXbox One S would not only be different from Xbox One. Microsoft’s newest home video game console would also be “better… slimmer, and more visually impressive.”

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Unlike its predecessor, the newest Xbox console will stand upright. It will also feature a built-in power supply. As Mashable points out, the One S will be “Microsoft’s most compact Xbox game console yet.”

Being sleek isn’t the only thing that would set Xbox One S apart, though. Xbox head Phil Spencer earlier told Mashable that their latest console doesn’t only support a wide range of games. It can upscale any given game to 4K resolution.  “What it will do… is it will hardware-upscale your 1080p game or your 900p game… up to 4K. It’s not adding more pixels to the game, but the game will show up using all 4K pixels that are on your TV.”

The 2TB console Xbox One S, along with the new Xbox wireless controller, will cost 549 AUD. Microsoft will also release cheaper 1TB and 500GB versions before August ends. The launching price of both versions have yet to be confirmed, though. Watch this space for more updates on the Xbox One S release date.