Get Xbox One for free in the newest Study and Play bundle from Microsoft Surface. The bundle is applicable for all students, parents and teachers in USA and Canada who will buy a Surface PC for schooling purposes. The Surface plus an Xbox One for free bundle will be available from June 29 until August 14, 2016.

Buy any of the Surface product and the Xbox One console from the online Microsoft Store and get $499 off the price. On that note, you would have had the game console for free. The purchase will also include freebies such as a free extra Xbox One wireless controller, two free games to jump start your gaming experience and a $50 gift code.

Taking those into account, your $350+ worth of freebies would have paid for the game console itself. Thus, you just have scored an Xbox One for free, CNet notes.

Known for its portability, the Microsoft Surface affords students a lightweight tablet that has the same capabilities as any laptop.

Choose between a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 and get the Xbox One console as good as free. The Study and Play bundle will be sold at US, Canada and Puerto Rico retail and online stores. Hurry up because this bundle is only as good while supplies last.

Institutions and schools cannot buy in behalf of their students so if you’re hoping your library will sport the new Study and Play bundle, think again. What’s more, the bundle is only applicable for either the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4. The Study and Play bundle is applicable on new Xbox One consoles.

There is also a required student validation to determine whether one is eligible for the bundle purchase.

With the Study and Play bundle, students will now have an easy way of de-stressing. There is also a Play Anywhere option with Xbox One, making Play Anywhere game titles you own playable from either your Windows PC or Xbox One. With the cloud storage enabled, Xbox frees you up from geographical limitation of being able to enjoy your XBox games.

So if you want an Xbox One for free, take advantage of this Study and Play bundle now.