Gaming fans are eagerly waiting for November and “Xbox Live Games with Gold” subscribers are ready to take what is in the offering. While we keep speculating about the possible list of free games, there is no official statement from Microsoft yet.

However, with the new backwards compatibility, Xbox One gamers can expect more titles available to them.

Microsoft had previously promised gamers, “Any future Xbox 360 game which is launched will also be compatible with Xbox One – meaning more games for Xbox One owners to play whenever it comes to Games with Gold titles.”

This Xbox compatibility program comes as a huge boost as gamers are likely to receive “more than 100 titles that used to be playable only on the Xbox 360 console can be played on the newer platform” as posted by Vinereport. The month of November is almost upon us and it hopefully Microsoft will come out with their official statement very soon.

According to Product Reviews, Microsoft has plans to announce the list of free games on Nov. 1 for the “Xbox Live Games with Gold.

Microsoft has already made available “Xbox one Backwards compatibility”. Reports also confirmed that “The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season” will be available for the November list of free games. The game which is originally priced at $24.99 will be available for free until Nov. 15, notes Ecumenical News.

The month of Halloween is just around the corner and a lot of horror-based games are expected to make it into the list. Even Playstation is rumored to include “Evil Within” as part of their free games.

Fans are expected to enjoy a big AAA game throughout this fall as Microsoft had offered “Volgerr the Viking” the previous year.

“The Walking Dead” TV series is already a proven and hit content. Fans wont be disappointed with such a spooky affair.

Stay tuned for more updates on Xbox live games.