‘X Men Apocalypse’ Movie: ‘Wolverine 3’ Plot Revealed?


The untitled “Wolverine” 3 movie will kick off in theaters on 2017. As of this moment, rumored plots of Hugh Jackman’s film have already circulated the internet.

Noting that the movie could be Jackman’s last, Comic Book created a “bucket list” of plots and storylines that the final movie was cover to settle Wolverine fans’ hearts.

First, Wolverine should return to his iconic black and yellow suit. According to the site, 20th Century Fox has considered the idea before, but it may be time that they consider it again for “Wolverine 3”. The blue and yellow suit that we have known in the comic books was replaced by black leather jumpsuits in 2001.

“We’re not saying he has to go full yellow-and-blue with shoulder pads, but the classic brown and tan suit from the eighties would be perfect,” Comic Book wrote.

Aside from that, the site suggests that Wolverine’s story in the comic book be adapted in the film.

In “Wolverine: Origins,” he was able to regain his memories that Weapon X stole. Besides, it will be a great introduction to some of the characters like Deadpool and Omega Red.

Comic Book also noted that Wolverine should step up and be a leader. In the “Wolverine and the X-Men” series, Logan was a teacher and a leader. And while his previous films did not dig deeper into the cause, why he lost his healing powers should be explored too.

Fox has yet to announce the official movie plot of the final “Wolverine” movie.

Meanwhile, Australian actor Hugh Jackman asked his fans on Twitter about their expectations on the third standalone film. Several suggestions were given and the post was retweeted for more than 10,000 times, the Guardian reported.

The actor posted a video thanking his fans for the warm support and “amazing response” afterwards.

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