“X-Men: Apocalypse” got mostly mixed reviews. But actress Sophie Turner’s performance was universally lauded. Did the latest “X-Men” movie really give fans the best Jean Grey ever?

1. Sophie Turner let Famke Janssen inspire her.

Janssen’s take on the iconic character was solid enough. The “Game of Thrones” actress was aware of this. So, she took note of everything Janssen did right. “What I took away from Famke’s performance was just how balletic she was,” the actress told Cinema Blend. “Even when she went into Dark Phoenix, it was just so beautiful and balletic. That’s just something that stuck with me.”

2. Janssen was not her only inspiration.

Turner took it upon herself to find apt inspiration elsewhere. “I also took influence from [James McAvoy’s] performance,” she said. “Because Xavier is a mentor to Jean, and she would emulate his mannerisms and such. And they share a similar power set!”  McAvoy also played a younger version of a character from the original “X-Men” trilogy, Professor Charles Xavier.

3. She was not afraid to look afraid. 

Movie Pilot said her take on the Jean Grey was effective because it was “imbued with a sense of fear — fear of the future, fear of her own power.”

4. She made the character youthful and charming.

The film blog also called her take on Jean Grey as “youthful.” According to Movie Pilot, the actress played the role with a “sense of humour and charm.”

5. She made the character her own.

Janssen might have been the original Jean Grey. But the younger actress did her best to put her own spin on things.”I just tried to put my own spin on it as well, because it’s such a different Jean from the Jean in the first three movies. It feels like we’re exploring new territory here,” she told Cinema Blend.