Jennifer Lawrence made some huge sacrifices wearing her costume for X-Men: Apocalypse. Apart from that, she also had to endure dealing with cheeky fellow cast members who shot her while she was naked.

Nicholas Hoult’s ex-girlfriend plays Raven Darkholme, who turns to shape-shifting mutant Mystique. Her character had to wear a blue pantyhose like material making it difficult to pee.

The actress went on to describe what she had to go through wearing the suit.

“I have to pee on myself every time I have to go to the bathroom,” Jennifer Lawrence revealed about her X-Men: Apocalypse costume, as shared by Toronto Sun.

“I don’t have to pee on myself but I have to pee out of a funnel standing up because the people who made the suit are like, ‘She doesn’t go to the bathroom – she’s a girl!’… I can’t sit down so I have to stand and I have to pee out of a funnel, and I just can never get it right,” the actress jokingly added.

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However, that is not all there is to it about the role of Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: Apocalypse. Apparently, she also had to deal with cheeky co-star James McAvoy.

The actor, who plays Charles Xavier in the film, revealed he burst into the actress while the actress was peeing, and with a BB gun in hand.

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Jennifer Lawrence revealed during The Graham Norton Show that they were all playing with the gun when that happened. However, the actress laughingly cried foul in the interview as she claimed her X-Men: Apocalypse co-stars were fully clothed while she is naked when they attacked her.

“So there we were and she was like huddled on the floor of her bathroom naked,” James McAvoy recalled. “And we were unloading on her.”

“Trust me you gotta wanna see this X-Men,” Jennifer Lawrence plugged the movie.

Watch the rest of the interview below.