Will a crossover between the “X Men” and “Deadpool” movies really happen soon? Deadpool did make his first appearance in a “New Mutants” comics issue. Should fans expect this anti-hero to work with the X Men in his next film?

This rumour has yet to be confirmed. However, one actress originally considered for a part in “Deadpool” did cross over to “X Men.” According to American Way, Olivia Munn earlier refused an offer to star in “Deadpool.” The actress was first considered to play Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle. Munn rejected the role because, as the magazine pointed out, “[she] didn’t want to be the girlfriend…She wanted to fight. To make noise. To kick butt.” The role of Vanessa eventually went to “Gotham” actress, Morena Baccarin. Munn was instead cast as Psylocke in the next “X Men” film.

“I thought Psylocke was always one of the most lethal characters,” Munn said. But she only agreed to do it “as long as [they’re] not using her to be the eye candy.”

Meanwhile, producer Simon Kinberg earlier recalled how Munn bagged the “X Men” role. “I had met with [her] for a character in Deadpool that ultimately wasn’t the right character for her. But we were like ‘We’ve got to keep in touch, she has to do something in the X-Men world.'” the producer told Collider. “And [director] Bryan [Singer] and I were sitting in Montreal a few weeks later and [we agreed] we should do Psylocke…and I was like, ‘Dude, I just met with Olivia Munn two weeks ago. She’d be great.'” Munn also revealed to Collider what she loves about her character. “The thing about Psylocke is that I can see the way that she’s dressed but it has nothing to do with how strong she is and how powerful she is.”