Speculations about whether girl group 4th Impact will be signed by Simon Cowell’s SyCo are rife. The buzz comes close on the heels after “X-Factor UK” Series 11 winner Ben Haenow was dropped from the label, only 13 months after winning the reality talent contest.

“It’s simply down to business,” quotes the Daily Mail, after a Sun source explained the decision from Simon Cowell. While the source was quoted that Simon made the decision “with a heavy heart,” it is clear that it was down to whether the talent sold records or not.

On a tangent from this saddening news, a more positive development set rumours abuzz. “Everyone has the potential to be great. Join Simon Cowell. See past their past,” SyCo’s Twitter account reportedly tweeted. “ Because of that tweet, fans of 4th Impact were quick to speculate that it was about the girl group being given a chance to be part of SyCo’s roster of talents.

However, the truth is that the tweet was about a campaign for the United Kingdom’s Department for Works & Pensions. The campaign, #SeePotential, was all about the advantages of employing people from marginalised groups. Whether 4th Impact is a “marginalised group,” being foreigners in the United Kingdom is a matter of debate.

Of course, 4th Impact’s rabid fans and those who wish their success would prefer to see things in the light of their success. Sure, we hope to hear more concrete news bits of SyCo or another label signing the girls, but until more concrete news floats up to the surface of the Interwebs, we’ll have to content ourselves with truer news.

Let’s start with this: 4th Impact will have a concert in Civic Hall in Bedworth on May 7, 2016. While that’s not a record label deal, that sure is a concert. Hopefully, a record label will sign the girls this year.