Fans of One Direction’s Harry Styles only wanted to celebrate his 22nd birthday through social media on Monday. Instead, they were treated to x-rated video screen-grabs of what appears to be “X-Factor UK” judge Simon Cowell in the nude and being toweled down by assistants.

The screen-grabs purport to show the English music talent scout out of his signature tight V-neck shirts and in a tub with what appears to be Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent co-judge David Walliams – an image the public just couldn’t ignore.

The outrage was immediate and so widespread that, as reports, #OhNoSimon began trending on Twitter worldwide almost as soon as the screengrabs surfaced on social media.

“#OhNo(Insert Name Here)” has been the go-to hashtag among Directioners when someone related to the band is caught in an embarrassing situation.

The screengrabs – especially the ones after the television producer appears to have stood up from the tub and dried off by assistants – were certainly embarrassing. But, question is, was it really Simon Cowell?

According to, it isn’t.

It wasn’t Walliams in the photos either. The screen-grabs are actually from a sketch made by BBC spoof entertainment news show called Celebrity Bitchslap News (CBN) three years ago.

In the sketch, a “roving reporter” shared found footage as evidence of the bromance between Cowell and Walliams. In the footage, the two are shown taking a dip in a tub. After which, Simon stands and gets dried off by his assistants. They even used a hair dryer to dry his back!

The Man Responsible For Bringing One Direction Together isn’t the only celebrity CBN spoofed. The show previously featured impersonators of prominent people, like Justin Bieber, Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles. Like Cowell and Walliams, the fake Duchess of Cambridge and the fake Duchess of Cornwall also appeared in a hot tub together.