Is 4th Impact now 5th Impact? “X Factor” UK grand winner Louisa Johnson joined the girls in their new dance video. Will they be working on their album now?

According to Unreality TV, 4th Impact and Louisa Johnson celebrated her victory after winning the series last weekend. Together with the “X Factor” team, they went to central London for some night off.

On their official Twitter account, the girls shared a dance video of themselves together with the Essex beauty. They captioned it as “Having fun with our fifth impact @louisa 🎶😍☺️ congrats loulou 💋 #LOVE4thImpactX.”

And what was the reply of the 17-year-old singer? Louisa tweeted back and said, “@4thImpactMusic 5th IMPACT! 😍”

What do you think was Cheryl’s reaction? 4th Impact earlier mentioned that their mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was their 5th member. Nonetheless, the Geordie star is proud of her girls no matter what happens!

Watch their dance video clip here:

Aside from their dance video clip, 4th Impact also trended worldwide. According to the site, the girls celebrated on Twitter as they trended globally for the first time. This was after their performance on “X Factor” UK finale.

4th Impact fans started a hashtag to show their support for the group. The girls felt the appreciation and tweeted, “Wow! Global trend #LOVE4thImpactXF.”

The girls know that a new journey has started for them. Despite not making it to the finals, 4th Impact had gigs at Clothes Show and at G.A.Y. next year, the girls will also join the “X Factor” UK tour. As mentioned on the site, 4th Impact fans are desperate for the girls to have their own album. Their fans even launched a petition to ask “X Factor” boss Simon Cowell to sign up the girls.

Recently, it was reported that 4th Impact performed in front of Sony executives. Do you think the girls are already working on their debut album?