4th Impact continues to wow the crowd with their mind-blowing performances. After their journey on “X Factor” UK, the girls have been invited to several gigs. Can we expect them to have their own concert tour soon?

Despite not making it to the finals, Unreality TV mentioned that 4th Impact bagged opportunities after they joined the show. According to the site, the all-Filipino girl group got numerous offers from across the globe.

Speaking to Philippine TV News Show Interaksyon, 4th Impact sisters Celina, Almira, Mylene and Irene hinted details on their several gigs this month.

Celina admitted,

“Here in the UK, we’re already booked for several gigs this December. We’ve also been getting offers to perform in the Philippines as well as messages from the U.S., Australia, Canada and Dubai asking us to perform there. Hope they all materialise.”

4th Impact fans are hoping too, Celina! Aside from their upcoming gigs, fans are also looking forward to the group’s album. Some fans even launched a petition to ask “X Factor” boss Simon Cowell to sign up the girls for a record contract.

As mentioned on The Nationale, there were rumours that the girls are working on their upcoming album in the UK. While 4th Impact didn’t confirm nor deny those rumours, the sisters assured fans that they would make an official announcement.

Almira told Philippine Star,

“We have been receiving a lot of offers and it’s overwhelming. Of course, we will announce it once everything is official, but nothing has been finalised yet.”

The eldest sister revealed that they’re thankful for what they experienced on “X Factor” UK.

“To get an opportunity to be on that stage and perform every week is something we will never forget until we get old,” she added.

In 2016, 4th Impact will join grand winner Louisa Johnson, and finalists Che Chesterman, Reggie N Bollie, Lauren Murray, Seann Miley Moore and Anton Stephans on the “X Factor” live tour.