If fans of the X Factor UK 2016 had their way, the popular reality TV show could be cancelled before the Live Finals take place.

Anticipation for the X Factor UK 2016 was high for this season following the major makeover the reality show underwent. From the judges to the host to the contestant, audiences looked forward to its premiere. Even Simon Cowell expressed optimism for the upcoming show. Furthermore, he hinted at the other changes they could expect.

However, the music mogul likely did not count on the latest criticism put forth by viewers. X Factor UK 2016 received backlash from fans angered by Sharon Osbourne’s decision to give Honey G a spot in the live finals. Yet would their demand to cancel the show have merit?

The returning judge reassured audiences early on about a better show for the thirteenth season. Furthermore, she expressed confidence at the experience and credibility of the judges’ panel to spot a winner. Thus, she likely had good reason to do what she did.

However, audiences have yet to figure it out. Consequently, they took to Twitter to shout out their disappointment over the controversial decision. @jessicabrierley called it the proof of why the show should end while @FHIFritz asked for an explanation.

The Sun revealed even celebrity fans of the show were shocked and enraged by her Live Show slot. Media personality Jodie Marsh and actress Angela Griffin were among those who could not believe what happened. Marsh questioned Sharon Osbourne’s decision while Griffin said it was the end of the show for her.

Meanwhile, guest judge Robbie Williams also received flak for putting Honey G through to the finals. Then again, the singer noted she is unforgettable.

“I’ll remember Honey G for the rest of my life,” Robbie Williams said about Honey G.

Honey G returned to the show when Ivy Grace encountered problems with her visa application to the United States. Apparently, the choice to bring back the rapper was unanimous.

Could Honey G be the winner of the X Factor UK 2016?