The man behind “X Factor” himself asked social media followers for theme ideas for the show.

Music mogul Simon Cowell seemed to be running out of theme ideas for “X Factor” UK and tried to solicit suggestions from his 12.5 million followers on Twitter.

Among the ideas posted were for the acts to choose songs for each other and to have a theme around the hits of Phil Collins or even from the songs of former “X Factor” contestants.

Several fans also suggested the songs of One Direction, or the band members could mentor or seat as special judges in a week.

Cowell later thanks those who shared their ideas and wrote: “Some of the ideas you sent are very funny. And a lot of good ideas. Thanks again. Simon.”

Last week, “X Factor” UK reinvention theme has been criticized when Cowell said he did not like Monica Michael’s rendition of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love,” Mirror wrote.

Cowell told Michael it had “turned you into something you’re not”.

Monica’s mentor Rita Ora said: “Well, don’t give us this theme, then!”

Meanwhile, Lauren Murray packed her bags following the elimination of her friends Kiera Weathers and Seann Miley on Sunday, Metro reported.

Lauren was so upset and also refused to appear on TV2 spin-off show “The Xtra Factor” on Sunday, Metro added.

Murray took on Twitter and vent: “The house feels so empty without @ seannmileymoore @ kieraweathers1.”

Shortly afterwards, she packed her stuff and left the house where the contestants stay during the competition.

However, Kiera told the Liverpool Echo: “She told me she’s left the house because she was upset but she’s still in the competition – although she’s packed her stuff.”

A spokesperson for the “X Factor” UK told Metro: “Lauren is having a few days at home and will be returning shortly. All of the contestants are allowed to go home when they want.”

“X Factor” UK returns this weekend at 8pm on ITV.