An “X Factor” UK contender tagged the living condition at the house provided for the reality singing competition contestants as “prison” and “horrific.”

In an interview with Mirror, Murray described being in the “X Factor” house is like “Big Brother meets Glee meets prison”.

Last week, Lauren packed her bags and left the house after her close friend, Kiera Weathers was voted off the show.

Lauren then vented on social media her frustration about Kiera’s elimination and claimed that the North London pad “felt empty” without Weather and Seann Miley Moore.

The 26-year-old aspiring singer told Mirror that she moved out of the house because she can’t stand the show’s cameras anymore.

“I found the filming the hardest to deal with. The camera is there when you wake up, it’s there when you go to sleep. I felt like I could never relax. It’s intense,” said Murray.

Lauren also disclosed that she has seen a therapist since joining the ITV show.

“I have had a little bit of counselling because you do become unbalanced with change. It’s not just because I’m on antidepressants. I think everyone has little breakdowns,” she explained.

Lauren admitted to OK magazine that she is still on anti-depressant after her father died when she was 11.  The “X Factor” fan favorite revealed that she struggled with her father’s death and had to be admitted to a psychiatric unit at the age of 13.

“I’m actually still on anti-depressants. People are shocked as I’m bubbly but it’s something I’ll have to deal with my whole life,” Lauren told the magazine.

The “X Factor” hopeful also opened up about the controversial Six Chair Challenge.

“I was drained. I definitely think they should get rid of Six Chair Challenge. I found it horrific. But they won’t – it’s too good TV,” Lauren told Mirror.

“X Factor” UK airs on weekends at 8pm on ITV.