4th Impact was voted off on “The X Factor” UK this season and youngers member, Celina dramatically collapsed on stage. And because it was the second time that Celina passed out on the show, there were speculations on her condition. Is she pregnant?

Well, no she isn’t. According to Hello! Magazine, Celina Gollayan revealed that her collapse was due to their long rehearsals and the pressure of the competition.

Celina said,

“I think it was the pressure, the long rehearsals, and not eating dinner! I’m very thankful to God that I was able to rest and now I’m feeling better with the help of our mum cooking chicken adobo!”

Last week, Simon Cowell’s good friend Sinitta mentioned that the girls put too much pressure on themselves so they could make their country proud. The American singer revealed that the girls never stop as “they don’t eat, relax, sleep.”

On rumours that she might be pregnant, the youngest 4th Impact sister denied such. She told Hello! Magazine, “No I’m not pregnant! I don’t have a boyfriend! I just laughed and ignored it.”

Celina’s older sister, Mylene, revealed that their youngest sister has never been in a romantic relationship. She said that the pregnancy rumours didn’t even upset Celina. But rather, their youngest sister found it amusing.

Although they were eliminated on the British singing competition, 4th Impact told Hello! Magazine how much they’re thankful to be part of the show’s 12th season. The girls admitted that they were happy to work with their mentor, Judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and perform in front of “X Factor” boss Simon Cowell.

Almira, the eldest member, admitted:

“We want to thank the show and also Simon and Cheryl for giving us this ride to fame! We’ve been trying to make it for ten years and almost came to a point where we had given up.”

“But this has just proved that if you don’t give up on your dreams something will happen and you have to believe in it. We’re so excited to go on tour and perform for our fans. We can’t wait for the new beginning after the end of X Factor!”

After their journey on “X Factor” UK, the girls have already confirmed their first gig. They will be performing at Clothes Show on December 7 at the Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre.