X Factor Australia 2016 got off to a shaky start as its premiere viewership ratings were far from desirable. Yet could the confirmation of Mel B as the underdog judge this season be the key to its success?

The X Factor Australia 2016 premiered last Sunday. However, its viewership ratings were not what many hoped, especially after the hype leading up to it. Early on, it promoted its major makeover. It presented a new lineup of judges, a new host and a better show overall. Even so, the first night lost out to other reality TV shows in the same timeslot. Would this prove that Iggy Azalea was the wrong choice for the eighth season?

Yet the show could be in for a major upgrade with the entry of a former Spice Girl. An earlier teaser for the show hinted at the return of Mel B. to the reality TV singing competition. This season began with three judges on the panel. However, the show reportedly includes a twist, as the underdog judge would mentor contestants voted off by Adam Lambert, Iggy and Guy Sebastian.

Many consider Mel B. as the likely candidate considering her closeness to the show’s creator Simon Cowell. The two recently concluded the successful America’s Got Talent Season 11. Promos also hinted the underdog judge was a hitmaker with more than 100 million albums sold. This could point to her time with the Spice Girls. Thus, could she be the charm the X Factor Australia 2016 needs to bring up its viewership ratings?

Of late, the social media activity of Mel B. proved interesting as well. Her Instagram account revealed she recently started to follow Guy Sebastian and Adam Lambert. She already follows Iggy Azalea. Hence, it might be a way to get to know her future companions on the judges’ panel.

Her return follows an ugly split with Channel Seven back in 2013, TV Tonight noted. Would the X Factor Australia 2016 do better with her onboard?