The ongoing speculation surrounding the identity of the fourth judge on the X Factor Australia 2016 has ended, although everyone seemed to have known who it was even before the major announcement.

It is official! Mel B is back on the X Factor Australia 2016. She is the underdog judge who will likely shake up the reality TV singing competition. Her return proved interesting. Previously, she was one of the judges on seasons three and four of the same show. However, her falling out with Channel Seven led to a court date in 2013. At the time, the former Spice Girl revealed plans to shift to Australia’s Got Talent on Channel Nine. Hence, the network took legal action against her.

However, three years later, it would seem all is well again between Seven and Mel B. Was it because of the lowest ratings ever recorded by the show for its recent premiere episode? Could Mel B be the lucky charm the X Factor Australia 2016 needs to get out of the ratings rut? This is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, Mel B’s return could prove helpful even if it was hardly a secret to begin with, noted.

Meanwhile, TV Tonight issued a possible spoiler alert as the electronic program guide for the X Factor Australia 2016 seemed to spill more details than necessary. The summary for each night hints at a fourth judge but does not reveal the identity. Then again, everyone already knows who it is.

Tonight, Adam and the Unders continue the toughest challenge to date, The Three Seat Challenge. With returnee Isaiah already winning Adam’s first seat, will he keep it?

The Three Seat Challenge continues with Iggy and the Groups. With the fourth Judge lurking in the wings ready to steal unsuccessful acts, it’s never been more important for the Judges to choose wisely.

It’s the last night of The Three Seat Challenge and it is the toughest yet. Guy must whittle down the Overs from 13 to just three. Who will get a chair…and most importantly, keep it?