‘X Factor’ Australia 2015: Who Advanced to Home Visits?

The dreaded Five Seat Challenge of “X Factor” Australia had just concluded and the show is now heading for Home Visits.

Judge Dannii Minogue completed the Top 20 by picking her top five for the Girls category, reported.

Minogue was the final judge to choose her team after Chris Isaak selected his Boys on Sunday, James Blunt picked his team for Over 25s category, and Guy Sebastian had his final five for the Groups.

The Five Chair Challenge has been tough for the contestants, and even labeled as “cruel” on social media by some fans. Under the new format, an artist will secure a place in the next stage of competition if he or she has been successful took a seat. However, even if all the seats are filled, the coach can still swap someone out if an act performs better than those who are seated.

During the bootcamp, some of the artists who landed a seat in the top five where later swapped out for other acts.

“X Factor” UK judge Simon Cowell, singer Rita Ora, and Olly Murs will be joining the regular panel in Australia for the Home Visits.

Cowell revealed to Daily Telegraph that one of the contestants of “X Factor” Australia caught his eye and he was impressed by the act. He refused to name the artist but said: “I’ve seen a contestant, I’m not going to say who they are but I’ve just got a really really good feeling.”

Who are they who advanced to Home Visits? Successful contenders are as follows:

Under 25 Girls (Dannii Minogue)

  1. Michaela Baranov
  2. Maddison Milewski
  3. Emilia Kelberg
  4. Georgia Denton
  5. Mahalia Simpson

Under 25 Boys (Chris Issak)

  1. Big T
  2. Michael Duchense
  3. Jimmy Davis
  4. Andrew Lambrou
  5. Cyrus Villanueva

Over 25s (James Blunt)

  1. Louise Adams
  2. Natalie Conway
  3. Gazele
  4. Dan Hamill
  5. Roshani Priddis

Groups (Guy Sebastian)

  1. In Stereo
  2. Jess & Matt
  3. Lazy J & Big Guy
  4. Paris Inc.
  5. The Fisher Boys

“X-Factor” Australia’s airs Sunday to Thursday on the Seven Network. The home visits will be aired tonight (Sept. 23) and tomorrow night. The top 12 will be revealed on Thursday and they will go into the live show on Sunday night.

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