X Factor 2016 Australia judge Iggy Azalea will do anything to win the competition, but more than that, she aspires for another goal: to have a group win in the current season.

In order to do that, the Fancy singer “stole” four rejected contestants from another judge, Adam Lambert. They need to prove that they are worth it so they could move to the next round.

When the newly formed Time And Place hit the stage, she asked him if he recognized the boys. The latter affirmed the question.

“I cut them all! They weren’t ready!” Lambert exclaimed. He quickly turned his statement around: “Individually, you didn’t have enough to get through. But together I think you make each other stronger,” quotes Mail Online.

The Aussie singer said in the recent episode that it is her dream to have a boyband win in the series. Thus far, her team includes Montage, Brentwood Duo and Time and Place.

Her appearance on the show must have been a success despite previous reports that the showrunners are about to remove her on X Factor 2016 Australia because of low ratings.

Her name as a rapper and singer seems insufficient to lift the show’s ratings. Even her “feud” with the mentioned judge could not help redeem the show, as per another Mail Online report.

The reality singing competition got only 904,000 viewers from last year’s 1.506 million, the lowest debut for the show in its history.

However, the flow of the series could signify that Azalea will still be on the show despite the controversies. Thus far, her comeback on the scene may be one of her ways to cope up after a nasty breakup.

She was engaged to NBA player Nick Young until months ago. Another article revealed his infidelity, and even being a baby daddy once again to Keonna Green’s second child.

Nonetheless, let us see if Iggy Azalea will be successful in her aim to win on X Factor 2016 Australia.