Forestry Commission England has come up with five interesting activities to support and enjoy WWF’s Earth Hour; scheduled to happen at 8.30 pm on 19 March.

Earth Hour is a globally commemorated moment which encourages people to switch off their lights for an hour to express their love and care for the planet earth. That one hour is believed to make a difference in the world.  The celebration sticks to a message the we want to protect the future of our planet!

According to Forestry Commission England, switching off lights and breathing in the fresh air outside gives one a moment to recharge and take care of one’s well-being.

In a survey, around 95% of people in England agree that “relaxation and recreation” in a natural environment is good for physical and mental health.  FCE says it will take less than an hour for a person to experience the benefits of forests.

So here are the top five interesting activities you can enjoy for your physical and mental health:


Walking deep down the green trails in forests and woodlands is itself rejuvenating. It is good to take a walk on the mountain and sheltered pinewood trails as well as quiet streamside paths. Places like Bedgebury Forest and Pinetum, Delamere Forest and Wild Ennerdale are perfect for a healthy walk.


More than 1500 woods and forests come under the Forestry Commission. It gives enormous scope to learn about biodiversity, the importance of forests and greenery in life. One can stick to Stick Man’s tails or can check out family activity pack.


It is interesting to go for off-road cycling, which can help you find more trails to cover in an hour. Forests are not less than a roller coaster ride.


It is better to get off from TV, gadgets and the Internet and experience wildlife “not through screens, but greens”. From large mammals to the countless inhabitants in the woodlands have everything to give you your wildlife experience.


Playing in woodlands is not only interesting but also healthy. They provide boundary-less areas which give you more space to play whatever you want to. So go outside and take a deep fresh breath.