Reports have suggested that WWE’s “The Viper” Randy Orton is all set to make a comeback on the wrestling ground. In his first match of 2016, he is rumored to be facing star wrestler Brock Lesnar at the “SummerSlam” match.

Orton has been out of the WWE scene since October 2015 due to a shoulder injury, but he is now ready to make up for all losses in 2016. The sports media have been highlighting WWE live events for August through advertisements, indicating the wrestler’s return to the ring very soon.

There are reports of “The Viper’s” work commencement as soon as he gets the green light from his doctors. Fans can expect him at WWE Performance Center next week. The face-off between Lesnar and Orton at SummerSlam has been reported but nothing is confirmed to date.

WWE will announce the opponent for Lesnar at “Smackdown” on Tuesday. The announced player will be featured with Lesnar for the episode to be aired on Thursday.

WWE has aired an advertisement that stated, “Beast Incarnate’s SummerSlam opponent will be made official on Smackdown, June 7.” Although the name of the opponent has not been revealed, the pre-advertisement of Orton’s comeback has sparked the Orton-Lesnar face-off speculations.

In case the SummerSlam happens between the duo, it will be one of the most adventurous matches in the history of WWE. The tricky moves of the ex-WWE World Heavyweight Champion could lead to the defeat of Lesnar, according to Sports World News. The punt, the through-the-ropes DDT and the RKOs used in Orton matches are really tough to handle. Lesnar may or may not be able to fight the moves.

Lesnar will face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in Las Vegas on Saturday. Meanwhile, WWE will reveal the opponent to battle Lesnar for the SummerSlam match. The battle will become “The Biggest Event of the Summer” if Lesnar and Orton come to the square to battle each other.

Fans will be eager to see the magic of Randy Orton’s moves and enjoy the same after a long break that began in 2015.

Who else do you want to see sharing the ring space at SummerSlam?

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