WWE Night of the Champions 2015 Predictions: John Cena Wins US Championship Title


After a vicious tussle between John Cena and Seth Rollins at SummerSlam 2015 a few weeks ago, the two warriors are going back to the battleground on 20th September at WWE Night of the champions.

This match is most likely to be one hell of a fight as these two contenders are equally efficient to pin each other down. Be it the submission crossface grapples of Cena or Rollins’ high-knee dropkicks, both men have proven their unique skillset and endurance levels in their previous encounters.

Cena is more experienced and physically better-equipped, whereas Rollins is more acrobatic and cunning in his strategies.

Rollins had retained his World Heavyweight Championship and simultaneously ripped Cena Off his U.S Championship in a “Winner takes All” match at WWE SummerSlam. The Cenation leader was attacked deceptively by Jon Stewart, the host of the PPV event and former presenter of “The Daily Show”, by a chair. This led to the World Heavyweight Champion to pedigree his opponent on the same chair and claim victory over him.

As far as the predictions go, Cena should possibly win the rematch as he would leave no stone unturned to requite his previous defeat. Another reason why we might think Cena will take back his belt, is because of a few spoilers which revealed that WWE is unleashing a new set of John Cena t-shirts with the U.S title.

While many probabilities point towards Cena’s triumph, there is another theory as proposed by sportsblog.com, which says that the title might be used as a decoy by Rollins in order to defeat Cena one more time.

Cena fans seem to be very excited about this match as they look forward to see their leader bounce back and win his U.S Champion tag back. On the other hand, Rollins’ supporters would probably want another surprise intruder after Jon Stewart to save him out of Cena’s fury and help him retain his hard-earned titles.


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