WWE Night of the Champions 2015: Jeff Hardy Returns to Fight Dudleys?


Since 2009 the audience havent seen “Swanton bombs” in the WWE ring after Jeff Hardy decided to move to TNA wrestling.

Hardy’s on and off relationship with the WWE has been very disappointing for fans since 2003. The wrestler has appeared either as an individual contender or as tag-team partner with his brother Matt as the duo “Hardy Boys”. Jeff has been one of the most exuberant figures in wrestling history with quite a large fan-base.

As What Culture describes him, Hardy has always been popular as an outlaw having troubles in abiding to the scripts and terms of the WWE management.

The “Rainbow-haired Warrior” had appealed to part ways with WWE in 2009 as a result of several injuries and health issues. According to a report by WrestleView.com, he suffered from two herniated discs in his lower back and restless legs syndrome, thereby requiring a break to allow his body to recover.

He returned to his previous employer TNA a few years later and has been entertaining fans in WWE’s biggest competitor since then.

Reacting to online speculations of Hardy’s return to WWE, wrestling commentator and former wrestler Jim Ross said, “Interesting speculation online that the Hardy Boys might be back on the WWE radar. I have no idea if this is true or not but I don’t think it is a bad idea if they were utilized much like the Dudley’s have been lately.”

Ross added, “Jeff and Matt had a spectacular tag team run in WWE while Jeff was close to becoming a big time, singles star, as well. Jeff’s ladder match with The Undertaker is still one of my most vivid broadcasting memories. The Hardy’s and the Dudley’s in a TLC match at Wrestlemania Texas would certainly be attractive to Attitude Era fans who are looking for a reason to reconnect with the brand and sample the WWE Network.”

If these rumors and conjectures are to be believed, WWE Night of the Champions will showcase one hell of an event and a treat to the all Jeff Hardy lovers.

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