The wrestling days of WWE legend The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark William Calaway, may be over after a picture of him wearing crutches circulated online. Many fans are shocked and debated about the Undertaker’s future.

However, some people believe that the crutches were just borrowed from the woman standing next to Undertaker in the picture. They point out that the woman seemed to have suffered an injury as evidenced by her right foot, and she just wanted to have fun with the professional wrestler in the picture.

Nevertheless, other social media users have tried to prove that the crutches did belong to the 51-year-old. In a photo shared on Twitter by a user named Zack Lethal, the Undertaker seems to be wearing the same crutches.

Despite no confirmation of the crutches’ ownership or the Undertaker’s retirement, many fans hope that their wrestling idol’s career is not over yet.

Hope returned to life when Sting made sure that everyone knows that he wants to go against the Undertaker at the WrestleMania. Fans still hope that the Undertaker and John Cena will soon face each other.

Others also pointed out that there are still matches waiting for the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and beyond. However, if he is retiring soon, it is very likely that the Undertaker will participate in at least one more match before ending his career.

Calaway started his wrestling career in 1984. Since then, he has been considered among the best wrestlers in the world.

In 2013, the Undertaker was voted the greatest WWE wrestler ever based on a poll conducted by Digital Spy. IGN named him as the second greatest wrestler in history. Sports Illustrated also placed him fifth in their list of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

He also appeared on 61 different pay-per-view posters, the highest of any WWE wrestler as of last year.